TV = Taking Vision

May 19, 2015


Is watching less TV a “remote” possibility?

75 years ago a little black box entered the home. Families surrounded it for a few seasons and before long when families could afford another one, two, or five, families split into their own rooms and thus, a very clandestine division of the family began. Not to mention that goals and activities got shelved for The Honeymooners or some other chewing gum for the brain. Tragic! If ever a device robbed more life, vision, and potential from people and families, it would be the television, (aka – take-a-vision.) Lost in news, sitcoms and reality shows are hobbies, goals and relational growth; things or people we’ve wanted to invest in, but “The Voice” is on in ten and they’ll just have to wait. 2 hours and a thousand calories later, our life-vision is a bit more blurred while TV puts us further into a fog. With all the options to watch and the ability to buy a TV for the price of a pair of sneakers, its a pandemic issue, and TV is doing everything it can to keep you glued to the box. Its finances depend on it and “Big Television,” by nature of its increasingly carnal content, has no interest in your family or your goals in life. Its interest is in ratings, pure and simple. Are they evil? Of course not, they can’t take away our choice. But do consider that by the time a person hits age 65 they’ll have spent about eight years watching TV… or 1/8th of life. Do the math: new careers have been learned in a year, billion dollar businesses built in three years, books written in six months, relationships reinvigorated in one month, and the list grows on. TV is an addiction that will steal your potential. It will sideline you from the richness of life, love, relationships and passions as sure as the remote has become a sixth appendage.

Perhaps a little less TV and a little more life today.

Which of my passions and goals are sidelined because TV is center stage?
Are there TV programs can actually enrich my life and my goals?