The biggest risk in helping someone with an issue or a problem is to not take any risks

May 17, 2017


Every one of us has a unique ability to help others in ways that nobody else can

In today’s “play it safe, overly politically correct world,” it’s rare that someone will risk speaking boldly into someone else’s life. It’s as if protecting ones image is becoming more valuable than helping people, regardless of how deep in the thick of it they are. Not surprising, but perhaps this is one reason why the world is in the condition it’s in, you know, the “me” world. If we open our eyes a few times a day, we’ll see divorces coming, jobs in peril, people in addiction or stuck, businesses failing and troubles mounting with those in our sphere of influence. Odds are that no one conversation will change the course of someone’s life, but then again, any one conversation can and does. Sometimes an inquiry with a listening ear can offer real value, other times it may require you take some conversational risks to draw out what is real. Trivial conversations dance on the surface trying to eliminate the symptoms. Effective conversations get to the root cause and when the cause is identified, that’s beginning of growth. There’s comfort in knowing that with the right heart, there is little you can do wrong when engaging in people’s issues. The fact is, we ALL need others to speak into our lives with freight-train like conviction from time-to-time, and more often than not, the conversations that were painful and most challenging were the silver bullets. Some of my biggest growth moments came when a friend said enough is enough and spoke candidly with me. Those are my true friends; rare, bold and intentional about my health and well-being. These are the lasting friendships.