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When I was young and thought I knew everything, I was 84% naïve.  When I started a business, I was 59% sure I’d succeed.  When I went to the counselor, I shared 78% of what was real for me.  When I got pulled over for speeding, I was 68% truthful.  Take any verb such as love, care, share, feel, try, speak, think, commit and others, and we have a way of fooling ourselves into believing we do them at a 100%, every time.  We defend the full effort position as if our lives depend on it.  But a good life, one where we are honest with ourselves, such as – I got replaced at my job because I gave about 75% to it, or my spouse divorced me because I fell asleep at the wheel of my marriage by giving 60% of myself to it, is the beginning of real growth. The 100% myth supposes perfection and leaves no room for us to contemplate how we can improve, mature, be more valuable to those around us, and have a greater sense of self-fulfillment.  It’s an illusion that ignores the progressive growth we can be at ease with – as imperfect humans, growing, learning, and acknowledging our progress – give or take a few percent.  Improve something by a percent or two today.