Enjoy My Talk on Building Yourself into a More Relevant, Compelling and Magnetic Brand.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Noah University Re-imagine Conference in Anaheim with a great lineup of speakers over two days. My talk was on Re-imagining the Brand you are in your business, and it applies to all professionals in any sector; even touches on the personal life a bit. Grab a cup of coffee, check it out, and if you think it will resonate, share the link with some friends. Thanks. Dean.


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I would love to speak at your next event.

When I’m asked to speak at an event, I am always grateful for the opportunity. As such, I take it with the seriousness it deserves. The fact that people are giving me a slice of there life with the intention of growing is not something I take lightly, and at every talk whether a lunch and learn to a thousand people, I am intentional to bring perspectives that change lives. I’m not about pumping people up to walk on glass, coals or tightropes, as much as I am causing people to reflect, change and bring different behaviors into their life minutes to hours after I speak.

If you’re thinking about branding as a topic for your event.

Having branded 800 plus of companies, I’ve seen the unlimited ways branding impacts our lives personally, professionally and corporately. Frankly, I haven’t read much of what’s out there on branding as I’ve been immersed in the trenches, boardrooms and on the street with branding execution that move needles, markets and minds. My talks are as simple and practical as they are unconventional and disruptive. To date, I’ve never had a nothing but a great review. I work best with audiences that are genuinely interested in being challenged to become a more relevant, compelling and valuable personal or business brand in all areas of their lives.

Personal branding or corporate branding. The choice is yours, the privilege is mine.

Although related, there are tangible differences between corporate and personal branding. I can talk on both for 15 minutes to 2 hours. Of course, the longer talks include audience and table interaction/exercises. Brevity is a key guiding principal (not to mention, my company name,) so I’m also able to put more substance in a minute than most. Personal branding focuses on character traits, behaviors, relational dynamics, personality and capacity, while corporate branding speaks to brand realities, marketing tools, brand identity, building market and mind-share and speaks to the philosophical and tactical aspects of branding. I can also tailor talks to the audience and their industry if need be.

If you’d like to discuss my speaking at one of your events, please call me at 714-656-0099 or dean@breviti.com

Thanks for considering me. Have a great day…

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