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December 30, 2014


There’s nothing resolute about a New Year’s Resolution

The unfortunate norm for New Year’s resolutions! Make them, break them!

I’ve never been much of a goal person. I mean I think of them, but rarely plan them out and work toward achieving them. Perhaps I was caught up in the illusion that I was a renaissance man, more organic than concrete, more visionary than scientific. Well, whatever thinking I’ve used to ignore this life-changing possibility, I have done myself a big disservice simply because I valued obscurity over action, and daydreaming over focus. That’s the truth. I must admit, due to my rebellious stance toward goals, one thing I’ve always been fascinated with, is the delusion that comes with the New Year. It’s as if we place a mystical emphasis on the event to give us the discipline to conquer the world, weight loss, new job… whatever the goal. Usually the only guaranteed thing that comes with the New Year is a hangover. The good news is that a new year’s resolution can take place any day of the year. Pick a day, today perhaps, mark 365 days out and there, now you can try once more for a New Year’s Resolution. It is new, and it is a year. But don’t think the clock, the date, or the year is going to give you the strength to do it. That’s a gift you can only give to yourself. It’s where self-defeat turns to self-discipline, self-abasing turns to self-respect, and self-denial turns to self-awareness.

Commit to a year-long resolution today.

What goal would make sense to put into a 1-year time window?
What’s the plan, and how will I time-block to make sure it gets done?