Shift Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Shift Your Thinking

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Shift Your Thinking to a New and Better Way of Living

Shift Your Thinking is comprised 200 “to-the-point” life-changing perspectives. They hit hard and are written to provoke, inspire and move readers to improve all areas of life, work and relationships through simple, yet critical shifts in the way we govern our thinking. My vision for the book was to provide highly concentrated doses of wisdom on topics crafted to re-engineer our thought-life and behaviors so we can stay on top of life rather than life climbing on top of us.

Shift Your Thinking delivers relevant, compelling content for virtually every area of life including communication, integrity, passion, attitude, character, vision, work ethic, conflict resolution, vision, focus, and many more. It’s the small but consistent shifts in these areas that ultimately make the difference.


Here are a few of the 200 themes you’ll find in Shift Your Thinking:

• If you were a brand would you buy yourself, or keep shopping.
• During tough times in life, it’s easy to medicate ourselves with distraction.
• When we begin to think less of what people think of us, it is then we are able to think.
• If we gossiped about ourselves for a week, we might never gossip about another again.
• Don’t confuse being a visionary with the ability to actually bring forth a vision.
• Wisdom is saying enough to prove our point, not our existence.

Each principle can be applied instantly to readers’ lives, making Shift Your Thinking a useful, valuable source for transformation in a rapidly changing world.

Consider a transformational gift for a change:

Shift Your Thinking makes an excellent gift, especially for those that don’t read very much. The digestible way they are written makes it an easy to read, easy to apply book that provide gifts in the life of the person long after it is read.


Tighten your company culture. Accelerate the growth: 

There is nothing more meaningful or powerful than a team culture aligned to a set of positive values. Because Shift Your Thinking drives behaviors that affect every area of life, Shift Your Thinking will improve the way cultures engage, relate, support one another tactically, relationally and emotionally.

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