The guy behind the why:


Committed husband, serial brand man, artist, author, speaker, counselor, motorcycle freak are a few of the “whats.” But the “why” behind me finds few things more rewarding than helping people get from Point (A)nywhere, to Point (B)etter in life, business and relationships. With the audacity of having the personal mission statement “to be a graceful interruption to whatever is not working in people’s lives,” I must admit, I’m not the lightest guy in the room, but then again, if you’ve ever heard me try to tell a joke, you’ll know why. Tragic is an understatement!


My career at started selling avocados on a street corner at age 14, to ditching class to draw pictures that I sold to local gift stores – to co-founding one of OC’s largest ad agencies. Having created 800 brands without a heart attack… yet, I still love what I do. Today, I have two companies: Breviti, a brand development & marketing consulting firm, and I am a partner in Veracity Colab, an amazing video marketing agency.

As for my blog, if you desire either repair, strengthen or change your personal or corporate brand, this blog will be worth every minute of your time. But then again, I coined the phrase “Self-evaluation is a moron with the emphasis on – the moron,” so I’ll let you be the judge. I post 1 -2 times per week and you can subscribe here.


Blessings and challenges…and to think, they end up one in the same.


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