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If how we grow belittles those around us then it is we who are getting smaller.

If you consider how things grow in nature you’ll see there are many things that have to become temporarily damaged or die off to make way for new growth. This is not the case with humans. Things don’t have to become a mess for a period of time, nor do things have to perish for us to grow and develop. Truth is, we were born to grow, multiply and to expand beyond the borders of what we think is possible. What we are not born to do is leave a trail of collateral damage and broken relationships behind as we grow; a common occurrence for serial entrepreneurs, those feverishly climbing the corporate ladder, or those who are bent on living their passions to the fullest. For us to grow, it requires people to be in the mix with us, and how we treat those people will impact our overall fulfillment, not just the accomplishment of what is at hand. If co- workers, partners, alliances and friends in your life are nothing more than a means to your end, it will divide and subtract in the long run. If your family gets sidelined because your commitment to grow supersedes your commitment to your family, it will divide and subtract. If your friends become a conduit to get what you want, whereby you find yourself tempted to leverage every friendship for your growth, it will divide and subtract. You may think keeping the needs of those around us in mind will slow growth, and it does… by a very small percentage, but not nearly as much as the repercussions of being fired, having a heart attack, getting divorced and contending with broken relationships.

Add to others as you multiply yourself today.


Video is the sales rep that never gets sick, can pitch a prospect anywhere in the world in 10 seconds flat, presents the perfect story every time, and can sell again and again with a simple click.



They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. If that’s the case video is, well… let’s just say it’s worth… looking into. In a world where motion branding is without question the most effective to connect people emotionally to your product or service, and with the expanse of distribution channels online, video is a marketing asset that must be integrated into every marketing plan. Being a partner at one of the world’s leading video agencies, I’ve seen firsthand video’s ability to not just create awareness and tell story, I’ve seen the direct return on investment that goes straight to the bottom line. The good news about video as indicated in the headline is that video is pitch perfect every time and any investment one makes into video is an investment that has returns year after year, long after the initial expense is gone. The challenge is that most companies try to do video on the cheap and people will click off poorly done video faster than a politician tries to cover up a scandal. (Sorry, couldn’t help it) The return on investment with poorly done video is horrific. There’s an old saying that marketing is expensive if you don’t pay enough for it. Video falls directly into that category. It’s an investment in your brand and your selling process and can be one of the most influential marketing tools you can use to tell or sell your story. Here’s a few samples we did below. And if you’d like some great education on video and how to most effectively use it, you can go to click blog and start learning. Great tools there.