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Imagine having unlimited influence with others. What would it be like having 100% buy-in to everything you said? Kings, priests, politicians (ouch) and moguls all knocking on your door to follow your counsel, move the way you said to move, open their wallets to buy what you were selling and follow your lead. And then we woke up! Influence is the among the most powerful attributes that exist when it comes to getting things done. Actually, I haven’t met a person yet who would not like to have more influence with others. If I did, I’m not sure how exciting the experience would be. Sales professionals, parents, kids, pastors, athletes, leaders, business people – virtually everyone can benefit from having more influence with others. The bad news is you can’t buy positive influence, unless you’re a criminal with means. Regardless, there’s a more predictable way to gain influence with those around you and that is to make it a mission to be in the business of creating value for other people. By value, I mean discovering what will make people’s lives better, easier, more productive, more rewarding and deliver that which will improve these areas. This is the engine of influence, and the horsepower therein is unlimited. Do this one simple thing – add value, and not only will your influence with those around you become strong enough to achieve anything, even your absence whether during this life or when you leave it, will have a lasting impact with others. That is influence.


When they took all away my government entitlements, it sucked the life right into me.

Those who choose to view a headwind as a soon to be tailwind, have a different air about them.

Observation of another’s stronghold doesn’t have to be judgment. It can be discernment to help one reinvent so they can circumvent remaining discontent.

façade no matter how well played, doesn’t work on any front.

Courage changes the internal conversation from “I can’t or it will end badly” to “I will no matter how it turns out.”


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2016

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto