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We are called human “beings” for a reason

You’ve heard the old phrase, “Agonize over decisions.” Well every day brings a series of “What do I do’s” to life. Some days it’s small decisions, other days, big issues arise that demand more attention, and sometimes either the quantity or intensity of decisions can bring a bit of agony. Any way you look at it, the number of circumstances we are faced with day-to-day make it advisable to have a consistent strategy for making great decisions. But unless we are clear of our stand in life and in our character, making choices that align with our true-self will be elusive at best. Not being sure about “what to do” over and over again is nothing more than a symptom of being uncertain about “who we are going to be” in circumstances. And because we’re unsure of the “being” traits such as being kind, gentle, committed, giving, considerate, transparent, straightforward, rational, etc. the “what to do” options are not only vast, but confusing and filled with wavering. When our character is unstable, every decision made will be based on how we feel in that moment rather than our predetermined character. Deciding on your way-of- being in life is foundational to all actions, and it clarifies what you will do and how you will go about life with great predictability and confidence. For example, when I am counseling and the person asks, “What should I do?” I respond with, “Well, let’s start with who are you going to be in the circumstance you are in.” Then I just listen to them outline their character, heart and way of being. E.g. “I will be caring, giving, humble, and coachable.” When they’re done identifying who they will be, I calmly ask, “So what would a person like that do?” Nearly every time, they know exactly what they’ll do, it’s surprisingly lucid, birthed in conviction and almost always an action that will generate the best results.

Get clear on who you will be today for a better today and tomorrow.

Is what I do based on my feelings or based on my predetermined character?
Am I even clear about my own core values such that my decisions are clear?


It’s when you relax that you’ll find you can be creative, still!

Ever try to force innovation, and strain though the creative process only to find yourself frustrated, unfulfilled and left with nothing but mediocre ideas and a tired brain? Aside from the rare times when pressure and need birth great ideas, most innovation comes from a place of rest; not physical rest, but mental rest where the mind is relaxed, uncluttered from the urgencies of life, left with nothing but the full capacity to think freely about what is possible. It’s like freeing up memory space on your computer. For the moment, it creates opportunity for more data, it works at a faster speed and it reduces the dreaded crash, which in the ideation world… is mental overload, ideation fatigue and quitting. But everyone rests differently. We all have a place where our innovation soars and the anxieties of life disappear, leaving only a creative platform from which to think. For some, it’s in an easy chair; others think freely at the beach; for some, a walk does the trick; for others, it’s being locked in a cabin for a few days. Regardless of geography, the process of rest eliminates the rust and is effective combat against stagnancy. As for the rewards for engaging in this space - they are nothing short of miraculous, if you take the time. But innovation time is different for everyone. Some people need a few quiet minutes; others require a 1⁄2 an hour to wind down; others need a planning day; others need several days to find that zone. The problem is always carving out the time to get there, and planning the ideation path once you arrive. Most of us have computers, others use a hard copy calendar, but the key here is to schedule “innovation time” and be blessed by what occurs there.

Plan a little innovation vacation today and find the rest of your ideas.

Is my innovation held hostage to a busy schedule and a cluttered mind?
When and where is my unique space to think freely, without stress or pressure?