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Well, I know it’s been on the backburner for 40 years, but I’m still thinking about it. 

Thinking is a great strength, but like every strength, it can become a weakness if it goes too far. Often times the thinking that comes in advance of doing something is too impotent to be effective, as it is birthed in speculation, not experience and done in distracted spurts rather than disciplined meditative thought. In this way, thinking actually becomes a liability to progress rather than an asset. Although an esoteric example, if Nike’s slogan was “Just think about it” vs. “Just do it,” I’d be confident in saying that less people would likely be sporting Nike’s logo. Regardless, the whole success of Nike’s campaign was and still is based on the premise that the value in the doing will surpass the value of sitting on the sidelines, thinking, dreaming, or even planning. Nike was wise enough to know that people need to be pushed into action, and so the tagline creates the drive and accountability to make something tangible happen. In life, there is a healthy think-do ratio wherein the moment we start to under- think or over-think a goal, is about the moment we should get busy on it. For many, life is one big contemplation where “someday I’ll do…” starts off as an innocent plight only to end up as the opportunity that once was. Not to mention – the thinking that takes place while doing, has ten times the power of thinking while daydreaming. Think about it… no, don’t!

In the words of the #1 sports brand, “Just do it” today.

What do I keep thinking about over and over again that just needs to get done?
What would life be like if I moved from just thinking about it to just doing it?