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Differentiation is meaningless without relevancy.

In the world of branding, it used to be that being different was the big To Do. The differentiation movement, they called it. “Differentiate or die” they screamed. Well, that worked fine when there was a big disparity between one thing and the next, one product and the other, and one person and the other. Today, all things are of pretty decent quality, no matter what country they are from, and all people are pretty good at what they do, because competition has demanded that we rise to a certain level of play or sit on the bench or get fired from the team. In today’s world of available information and training, we all have skills – some rough, some refined, some off the charts. But the achievement of goals, visions and dreams only happen when our skills, whether natural or learned, meet relevance. As mentioned, with brands there has often been an emphasis on skills needing to be unique in order to be compelling and impactful. Not that “differentiation” is dead, not by a long shot, but relevance gives life to differentiation – it is the foundation of it and without relevancy, differentiation is odd, awkward and out of place. The key to becoming relevant is to be on a constant journey of discovering what is important to those we desire to be relevant to, then building our brand, our offerings and our way of being to fulfill those needs, wants and demands tangibly and consistently. Relevance is the one attribute that ensures we will be of specific value to those in our personal and business lives, and is the assurance of our success, influence and even our contentment.

Evaluate your skills to check relevancy to your audiences today.

Am I focused on being more different or more relevant?
Have I inquired about my relevancy in personal and business relationships?