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Breaking news: You can’t get motivated, because you already are…

Ever said to yourself – I need to get motivated, feeling stuck as though you were swimming through taffy? Not uncommon these days. But staying in this unproductive place gets sabotaged by whether we’re think we’re motivated or not. Therein “lies” the myth of motivation, the “lie” being – you won’t make things happen unless you get motivated.

The truth may come as a surprise and will certainly provide a sense of relief, but the reality is, (drum roll please) no one needs to get motivated. We are motivated every second of every minute we live. Human beings by our very nature are in a constant state of motivation; it’s engrained into our comfort, control and survival mechanisms and instincts. One of the reasons we stay locked in an unproductive place is because we are frenetically searching for something that we already have. It’s an exhausting go nowhere process. The truth is, not only do we have an ever-full, always powerful, at the ready – supply of motivation, we are brilliant at it. We build every conversation, circumstance, and life-event around this ever-present resource, but….

The question becomes, “What is it I am currently motivated to do, or not do?” The answer to having the kind of progress we want in our lives isn’t a matter of absence or presence of motivation, it’s a matter of the trajectory of our motivation – meaning what exactly is our current motivation aimed at, as it’s always aimed at something. Some people aim their motivation at complacency, so they get and stay stuck. Others are motivated to live a risk free, play it safe life – moving slowly, if at all. Others are motivated by comfort, so they build systems around doing just enough to get by and eventually get into trouble due to the unforeseen whatever.

Then there are those who “aim their motivation” to play to win, to risk or be “on their purpose,” and end up founding Facebook, or finding a cure for cancer or building a vision worth having. Some are motivated to break convention, so Tesla, GoPro and Apple are born and live on because their motivational aim is pointed at something big, adventurous, and valuable, with discipline and consistency as the prime core value.

The answer to becoming wildly successful in whatever you do is not to search tirelessly for the motivation we already have, it is to shift or re-aim the trajectory of that built-in, never-ending supply of motivation into a vision worth having. Your vision!