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If you want to avoid division in relationships, give your undivided attention.

Those who ignore the competitive nature of life forget the swimming competition at the beginning. Lest not you forget, amidst hundreds of millions of competitors, it was you that won the race.

It’s not that they didn’t listen that is the real problem, it’s that I wasn’t able to make myself heard that was cause for concern.

The reason psychoanalysts charge by the hour is due to our unwillingness to share the true depths of our darkness. We release it in such small doses, with such great control, masked in fearful deception, that when the truth peeks of light, the hour is complete. This game we play is the price we pay, only to do it again another day… or not.

A presenter would be more effective if they were less concerned with what they were going to say and were more concerned with what they were committed to cause.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


If I offered you the cure for impatience, you might respond with, “I can’t wait to get it.”

Imagine what life would be like if you lived in a state of total patience with all people, all things and for all time. Think about how much more fluid life would be, how much more present you would be with people, the reduced effort in which you would do things, the pace of peace you’d experience in your daily activities and of course, the added bandwidth of thinking not wasted on impatience. Now consider all the havoc, stress and anxiety that have occurred because you couldn’t wait a “little” longer for things, and consider all the angst you installed into other people simply because you haven’t learned to deal with your emotions. I once prayed, “Lord, teach me patience, but do it quickly please.” Bad drivers, traffic jams and customer service hold times, etc., etc., all had their way with my state-of-mind and emotion. But deep down inside, I desired to have a greater degree of control over how I held things. A close look at the day-to-day sources of my impatience revealed there was NEVER anything I could do about any one of them. So I began to evaluate the price I was paying for my flippant emotions and the cost was great. I not only put undue stress on myself, I added stress to anyone I was with or around, and that price is just too great. It limited my capacity, was having an effect on my health, and if I lived in impatience too often, it would even shave years off my life - physically. Fortunately, I discovered there was always “something” I could invest my thought in other than investing it in impatience.

Transform the wait time into a great time today.

What are the common occurrences where I experience impatience?
What are a few productive things I can do whenever I am forced to wait?


When those of various ethnicities are together in a crisis, all attention on the “race” hits the finish line.

Blame is the denial of one’s own possibility and the assurance of one’s own misery.

It is our upbringing that gives us our point of view. It is the choices we make today that make us who we are.

To hold back tears is a crying shame.

The gap of time when you open your eyes in the morning and step out of bed is a time of critical decision – to decide what kind of day you will have, who you will be in it, what you will derive from it, and what you will give to it. That’s a day worth getting out of bed for.

Too much TV is death to life. Makes me wonder, is it us dying inside to watch more television or is it more “television watching us die inside?”


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto