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I once told someone that to be offended was a choice. They chose to be offended!

Typically, when someone betrays, offends, or interrupts our space, our agenda or our life in some way, our first instinct is to judge them using our own unique brand of judgment or whatever style suits us in the moment. We conjure up all sorts of mental inventions, from the unoriginal like, “They’re an “expletive,” to some other more elaborate psychological evaluations and labels that usually have no context, proof, or sensibility – you know – the emotionally-driven reactionary stuff that constantly gets us into trouble. But what if you had the self-control to refrain from instinctive thoughts of indifference, and could connect to the idea that the root of someone’s offense is never anything directly against you, it’s simply a manifestation of their FEAR. FACT: If someone’s offending you, fear is the driver of the offense. They are either afraid of something that will happen; losing something that they have, or getting something they don’t want. If you can discover the fear that’s provoking the offender, you won’t be so wrapped up in being offended, and might even find yourself in a place of empathy, compassion and strength. You’ll be able to think clearly on how to help them out of their fear, or even how you may have caused the fear or both, which is the beginning of reconciliation in the relationship and a means for you to make difference when offenses come up.

Look at people’s issues discerningly today, not emotionally.

What is usually my first reaction when being offended?
What would life be like if I were rarely, if ever, offended?


Master the art of one thing, and there will always be a stage to step upon.

Grammar is the sterilization of communication.

It’s okay to be in the spotlight now and then, just don’t overdo it and become a Johnny on the spotlight.

Inside each of us are extraordinary gifts that may never make their presents known.

A friend of mind called me because his teenage son was arrested for drug dealing. Through his tears, I gently asked, “Is your son a drug dealer today, or a future entrepreneur tomorrow?”

Give God a try. The possibilities are infinite.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


To be grateful about what we have is to lose focus on what we have not.

We live in a society where contentment and gratefulness seem as the rarest of antiquities. The never ending quest for better and more has us blowing through days in a frenetic chase for what is already in front of us, only we’re too wrapped up in what we don’t have, to value what we do. Case in point: Sitting on the couch, my wife chimes in, “Have you considered lately how much we have to be grateful for?” Fact is, I’d been busy with work, was serving on multiple boards, was busy with ministry work, and I hadn’t given it too much thought for quite some time. So I took a little break from the chaos (about 7 actual minutes of concentrated thought) and I reflected on the blessings we shared, the relationship my wife and I had together, our family, friends, ministry, career, etc. In a few short minutes of taking inventory of what was nothing more than real in my life, I experienced an intense level of contentment I hadn’t felt for quite sometime, and yet nothing had changed – no winning lottery ticket, no big deal closed, no great vacation to look forward to; in fact nothing special happening at all in that moment – nothing but a concentrated dose of clarity of what was already so, and what I already had. After only a few minutes of contemplation, it dawned on me that stress, pressure, self-doubt, whining, and every other negative, real or invented, could never co-exist in the same space as gratefulness. To be in a state of that awareness pushed everything that depreciated my present circumstances right out into the crapmosphere… where it belongs.

Experience the fullness of remaining grateful today.

When was the last time I took inventory of the blessings in my life?
What might I be missing now because I am too wrapped up in distractions?