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Is it that you need to learn more or just apply that which you already know?

In today’s information age there is no shortage of knowledge. As I shared earlier, the same amount of information that had been delivered into society since the beginning of time until about the year 2000, is now delivered into the world every 48 hours. Add to that what we learned in school, from our parents, books we’ve read, and people we’ve learned from, and it’s safe to say that we know the essentials. If by the time a child is about 4-years old their view of life is formed, then by 21 we must know a thing or fifty about life. But knowledge not applied, is knowledge that died. Hence, the need for adding knowledge on top of knowledge for knowledge’s sake can be overrated, and unproductive. What is constant though is the clear need for us to diligently apply the things we do know; the basics, like treating others the way we want to be treated, keeping every commitment we make, creating value for others and things that have nothing to do with information, but make us great human beings and the most sought after people on the planet. The trap of the “knowledge quest” reveals that by the time we remember to apply into action that which we recently learned, we will be barraged and distracted with another life-changing trend that may seem more attractive. That trend will soon be replaced with the latest and greatest life-changing paradigm that we will start to apply only to be side-tracked again with the latest fad of personal development…and another life-changing principle is on its way. It’s not that we need to know more to grow more, it’s that we should focus on what we already know, apply it to its fullest, and reap the rewards of application.

Apply what you know to the fullest today!

What one thing do I already know that needs to be put into action?
How do I use the quest for knowledge to escape what I know needs to be done?


For any kind of medication, it is best to be educated and to have meditated before one chooses to be medicated.

The steps to find life answers are often the steps of a long walk with a focused mind and a clear intentionality.

Political correctness is a often a lie, giftwrapped in self-protection.

To whom you give praise will be a better person in deed.

If your just goal is to make ends meet, then you’ll probably meet the end soon.

Time isn’t what you make of it, as much of what it makes of you.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


Whoever said you can’t change a person is the person who could stand a change.

Ever notice what comes from people during our interactions with them is largely linked to what we draw out of them - good or bad? It may not be that we change them permanently, but for that exchange, interaction or conversation, we have intense capacity to bring out both beauty in people and things that are not so beautiful. I know for me that I’ve hurt those that are close to me in ways that are horrific. And if I take a moment to recount those events and the hurt I caused, I can see their faces and their hurt as if it were yesterday. I should know, I painted o their canvass with either my betrayal, my hurtful words, or harmful actions. Not that I’m a total lost cause, as I’ve learned from those experiences. Through that learning, I’ve also painted some pretty good pictures and today I am committed to use the art of me to paint more good interactions and memories, than bad. It’s no great revelation that the interactions we have with others are cause and effect, but it’s commonplace to emotionally disconnect from what we’re causing or not causing during exchanges. The mindset resigns to - “people just are what they are,” rather than proclaiming, “people can be what I draw out of them, or in this metaphor…paint into them with our actions.” We all want the best from others, but often underestimate our capacity to bring it out. Consider that people are simply… who you are for them. Through our own art-form, we can facilitate people’s anger into happiness, sadness into laughter, complacency into action and cynicism into optimism. Of course it’s not our responsibility to do so, it’s just our opportunity. There’s no shortage of need and an endless supply of paint. Your paint.

Paint value onto the canvas of other’s lives today!

Have I considered the way I engage with people as an creative endeavor?
Are my social paintings abstract, surreal, paint splats, beautiful or child-like?


We are all artists “on occasion.” Our ability to sculpt lies and paint deception is only surpassed by our ability to create façades and craft excuses.

Is it easy to be ourselves? Hardly. Is it hard to be ourselves? Easily.

It’s no accident the word “die” exists in diet. We must kill off our addiction to life draining food to live a full life.

It is only when you are skilled enough to perform on command, that you will have command performances.

Meaningful conversations are like fine wine, they begin to open up over time.

Progress is simply slipping on a banana peel… forward!


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


September 10, 2015


Breviti launches new identity and website to promote brand consulting, design and development, and through VeracityColab – the creation of world-class video for online and offline marketing, communications and training. Take a scroll around and see the sights. If we can help with branding that builds you or video that moves you, give us a call.




The fullness of your potential is always a bit of courage away.

Just about all progress in life has been achieved because someone took a risk. They probably realized somewhere on the road of their journey that nothing much would ever happen to them if they resigned to a life devoid of taking a chance or two. More often than not, those who resign to a lifestyle without risk will simply exist, wading in a sea of uncertainty, complacency or what is called the doldrums, a place in the middle of the ocean where no wind exists, so sailing out of it becomes impossible. Tragically, those who make no waves in life will never quite grasp the fullness of their gifts, talents or calling. It’s not commonly thought of in this light, but it actually takes commitment, resources, precious energy and mental focus to live a life of safety and the avoidance of risk. However, that same energy can be used to engage in life at a fresh new level making waves of progress in all areas of life. Waves, although risky, are essential to waking any deadness in our spirit, and those same waves will inspire others as they will experience our willingness to step out of our comfort, as a source of inspiration and hope. When we make waves, it also gives our friends and family greater capacity to support us in our vision, rather than being confused and or frustrated in how to deal with our play it safe, go nowhere disposition. Truth be told, there is nothing safe in life about playing it safe.

It’s time to wave goodbye to making no waves today!

What one area of my life could use a few waves?
What are the emotional, financial and relational costs of not making waves?