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Burned out, checked out, numbed out? Don’t be counted out and so quick to get out!

The old adage that the grass is greener on the other side is a nice line, but it fails to define what is over on the other side once we get there. But if we do decide to leave for greener pastures… it’s wise to note, it may not be as green as we thought, nor will we have the tools of perspective or experience that we had on the previous side. So we end up in a new thing with old baggage and a whole host of new challenges we didn’t see, most of which are exactly like the one’s we left on the original side. To be blunt, the “other side” as we call it, is often a mirage, an illusion that something new will mean something great, and that change will magically remove obstacles and will somehow drive new character traits - it rarely does. Let’s face it, tough times are notorious for tempting us with the distraction of “I think I need to move to the next thing in life.” But if we measured the amount of time we spent fantasizing about “the next thing,” we’d discover the actual reason why our “current situation” is in the shape it’s in. Distraction is a liability to the present. And if we took the time that we wasted on distraction and applied that time and focus to what is now, the grass on this side would get watered immediately, and would become greener before you know it. Don’t get me wrong, contemplating the future isn’t all bad. But when daydreaming distracts you from being responsible with the present, not only will you lose sight of what’s possible, your current dream will likely become the nightmare it was never meant to be.

Maximize present circumstances and see what is possible today.

Am I giving my present circumstances the commitment they deserve?
Is daydreaming about change causing my current realities to suffer?


The true reflection of our behavior is not found in the mirror. It’s found in the way others respond to our actions. They are the true mirror.

The pessimist spends most of their time in the skeptic tank.

Consider those who died for your freedom. Then consider what you do with your freedom. Frankly, what some people do with their gift of freedom wouldn’t be worth stubbing a toe for.

Tele-vision. Kill-a-vision. Boy, they sound a lot alike.

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, except gossip… aptly defined as the speed of dark!

The life you paint is found in the pigment of your imagination.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


Liar, liar, life’s on fire.

The statement, “To lie or not to lie” appears to take on a different meaning when you say, “To exaggerate or not to exaggerate.” The truth is, they’re one in the same, but exaggerating is a bit easier on our conscience. So why do we feel the need to manipulate the truth from ever so slightly to the extreme? The answer is fear. We simply become afraid that the truth won’t do its job, it will fall short in some way and we might wind up a fool. So we resort to a lie, and when the lie spins into a web of confusion and breakdown, the need to pile lie on top of lie becomes apparent until the truth finds it way out. By then, the state of the relationship we’ve been lying to resembles a train wreck, and cleaning up the mess requires some heavy lifting. It would be wise to have more fear of lying than of sharing things exactly the way they are. Whether half-truths, partial-truths, or little white lies, we can package our “honesty” not so honestly. Consider at times that we can be just as artful in delivering “strategic truths” as we can be in delivering flat-out deception, and again consider they’re one and the same. The other deceptive part of lying is that those to whom we are lying to get. The one who gets most hurt when we lie - is ourselves. We pay the price for our need to be right, win, look good or feel good in the present, only to have lies manifest into personal anxiety, restlessness, wasted energy in the cover up and broken relationships. In contrast, there is great peace to be had in life simply by sharing things exactly the way they are, freeing our mind to think of more productive things and not having to remember the myriad of slight exaggerations that will ultimately come back to bite us in an exaggerated fashion.

Lose the temptation to manipulate your truth today.

Where do I feel tempted to stretch the truth in my life?
Am I done with the crazy notion that lying is safer than the truth?


Every year TV’s get bigger… our imaginations get smaller.

If it was one thing that killed the friendship, the friendship never really was.

Laziness is to the human is like cholesterol is to the heart – Deadbeat status is just ahead.

Fools do things the SHAME way, over and over again.

Human beings were born to generate. That’s why we’re called generations.

Rarely would someone admit to having façades, but what about little white façades.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


When you’re vague you’re the plague. Your lack of clarity spreads like the disease that it is.

It suffices to say that when icons like Jack Welch, formerly of General Electric, writes that one of the biggest breakdowns in business is lack of candor, what he’s referring to is a gross shortage of honest, clear and specific communication during typical day-to-day business interactions. Call it what you like, 90% of all organizations suffer from lack of straight-forward communication, and one form is called – the daily mystery
 of Who will do What by When. For whatever reason, leaving out the critical details during task-based communication has become standard operating procedure because for the moment, it always seems easier to be casual, rather than detailed, hoping others will fill in the gaps. Actually, that’s the moment confusion begins, and potential stops. I know it seems basic; Who and What by When. But business depends on momentum, and the one thing companies and individuals can’t afford to lose in today’s business environment is momentum. The constant starts and stops that come from not knowing the details of Who, What, and When takes all the fun out of business… as well as the potential. The interesting part is that specificity in communication is not so much about what you have to do – it’s about who you are. It’s living in a discipline of being a clear person. You develop your character and your way of being with people while measuring the results you attain… specifically! And if your results are less than adequate, you’ll be willing to look at your role and take account for those results as a responsible human, not as a victim. This is the attitude of professionals; the ones who are clear about Who is going to do What by When.

Be clear about who will do what by when today, and you’ll appreciate why!

Do I leave conversations knowing the exact next steps? Do I write them down?
How much benefit would there be if there were total clarity in my interactions?