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Another’s exaggeration awakens the skeptic in our spirit and the detective in our mind.

I try not to make others read my entire book to get the point. I try to write sentences that convey the point of an entire book.

Intellect, no matter how complex, will be measured by the simplicity that is created by it.

The only regret one should have is that they had a regret.

A life of decadence can remove potential decades spent.

Sometimes I think I should sniff glue just to keep myself together. (My dark side, sorry!)


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


The basic human bond we share is more personal than pixels.

The Internet with all its value, and all its resources is instrumental in breaking down the basic social solidarity of the human race. Not that it was intended that way, nor is it totally at fault, but when you provide channels of communication that “virtually replace” a bulk of human contact via the phone or face-to-face, you end up with a society accustomed to communicating without physical or voice contact. The danger is that technology will make it so easy to communicate as well as control incoming communications, that the communication of choice, will be that of buttons and keystrokes rather than mouths, eyes and facial expressions. As to whether or not this will have an effect on relational intimacy, simply walk down the street and notice the disposition of those around you. I mean, really LOOK. You’ll be astonished what you’ll see if you pay attention long enough. Are most people friendly, open to a verbal exchange, eye contact, or a simple nod? Or do you see people becoming increasingly self-protective, reserved, emotionally roped off, iPod/iPad addicted, lost in texting. Now look at your own disposition, more specifically your own personal commitment to break through technological and social reclusion and engage at a more intimate level. This is where the opportunity lies. Repeat after me, “It’s amazing how much more engaged others have become with me, since I’ve become more engaged with them.”

Break down barriers of social reclusion today.

How much of my people interaction has been replaced with pixel interaction?
Am I content with my basic social skills, or would I like them to be stronger?


Using your potential in the wrong capacity is the equivalent of using a balloon to go bowling.

Let not the x-ray be the motivator to change your diet.

The view from a single step forward is a world away from the view that preceded it.

We’re not afraid of the “impossible.” What scares us, what puts fear into marrow of our potential, is what is possible.

If unused potential were measured in fuel, many a coffin would be highly flammable.

Exaggeration makes a travesty of truth and a tragedy out of you.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


If we were able to hear the gossip about us, we might never gossip about anyone again.

Ahhhh, gossip. Sometimes it’s just plain fun to rip on someone, that is until the words actually come out of our mouths and we feel the subtle guilt of the indulgence, or worse yet… don’t. The temptation to gossip is only surpassed by the inventory of material there is to work with. Through our social circles and the abundance of media distribution channels, there are endless opportunities to engage in gossip; gossip that breeds nothing but internal conflict, indifference to others and is a poor reflection of our character. The dictionary definition of gossip is: spreading rumors or opinions of someone’s personal affairs, usually without their knowledge or all the facts. But in street terms, gossip takes on a whole new meaning that should motivate us to never speak ill of someone again… ever. In the practical sense, gossip is: 1. Speaking about someone in hopelessness, pessimism and judgment simply because of our limiting belief that people can’t change. 2. Sharing about another without any real discernment of what is going on in their life. 3. Proclaiming another’s failure for the sake of edifying our own perceived position or success. 4. An arrogant denial of our own brand of screwed up, where we entertain a ridiculous sense of self-righteousness. 5. A poor example to others no matter how artful and clandestine we think we are when doing it. When we gossip, it accurately reflects our social status and the condition of our hearts more than we think. It says something about us that is much more despicable than anything we could say of another, and is toxic-waste to any social circumstance.

Replace gossip with words that bring life, not strife today.

Am I one to make light of others troubles?
Do I add fuel to the fire or put the fire out when gossip reveals itself?