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Flattery should penetrate a smile wide and a millimeter deep.

Equality shall be relegated to flesh, bones, blood, spirit and soul, but never performance.

To whom you give praise will be a better person in deed.

That which you give your mind to will consume you… good or bad!

Too much vision for the future can actually be a poison to the present.

Forget saving for a rainy day, and start saving for a rainy decade.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


One sure way to serve our nerves is to have the verve to serve.

Now that you’ve been on the planet for a while, you’ve probably noticed the unpredictable nature of nerves and would probably pay handsomely for the remedy to either control or remove these raw and very intense feelings from messing with your life. Going into a meeting or an event where we feel something important needs to happen can shift our nerves into “overstrive,” and rob all the peace, joy and effectiveness from the experience. Whether a presentation, speech, business meeting or important conversation, the more important the event, the more apparent our nerves become. Some nerves can be a minor tone while other nerves become so “in our face” they threaten to sabotage the entire outcome, and they can, depending on where we place our focus. Most the time the focus is on ourselves and if we want to manage our nerve-load, thinking too much about ourselves can be a dangerous place to be. A quick evaluation of these edgy feelings will reveal that our nervousness exists because our attention is on what we’ll do wrong, what we will miss, or what we won’t get - all issues of self. But almost miraculously when our focus is on others and our heart is to serve them without attachments, the most intense nerves will become manageable if not disappear. In fact, this “selfless” heart-set will usher in feelings of peace and confidence that will make every event a homerun – win, lose or draw. It’s all but fact that serving and nerves rarely exist in the same space.

Connect intently to the serve today and watch the nerves go away!

When going into meetings is my focus on me and what might go wrong?

In meetings, what value would focus on others, and their needs bear?



A few seconds of semi-focused thought on an issue is generally useless. Real revelations come in several minutes of highly-focused, uninterrupted contemplation.

Many a grave are dug with a fork. Just some food for thought.

Never underestimate the forward momentum found in moments of contemplative restraint.

If you want people to listen, capture not their ears, but their imagination.

Practice self-control, and see what doesn’t happen today.

Walk as if it accomplished and it will soon be.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto