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One can never say, “I’m not making a difference.”

About 20 years ago, I was having lunch with a friend of mine, a mentor type and he asked me (with that sinister look he had) what I wanted to do with my life. I remember telling him, that I wanted to make a difference with people. He said, “Well, Dean, Good or bad, you’re always making a difference.” It sizzled my brain a bit, but he was right; sometimes I was making a positive difference, other times the difference was pretty ugly, and yet things were always different after my positive actions, negative actions and even lack of action; impact never stopped. I’ve shared before that we were born to create and to generate, but also we were born to make a difference; meaning we cannot go month, a week, or a day without making some kind of difference… good or bad. Forgive the extreme nature of the analogy, but Charles Manson made a difference, Hitler made a difference, Osama Bin Laden made a difference just as Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Theresa all made a difference. The difference is the kinds of impact that were made, but make no mistake about it, a big differences were made on all accounts. But also keep in mind that Tom, Abe and Theresa all made differences that were less than what they committed to because they are human and they would admit that. Why? Because they knew truth makes a positive difference, and that kind of difference was primary for them Now that it’s clear we are difference making machines (with no off switch) the question becomes what kind of difference is it that you are making in your life. Are you giving love or grief, providing serenity or anxiety, exposing positivity or skepticism, encouraging others or distressing them, promoting unity or separatism, delivering honesty or deception and exaggerations; ALL differences, ALL happening 24/7, ALL opportunities one way or the other.  Make the kind of difference that grows, not slows things around you.

Are the differences I am making improving life or degrading life?
Are there new differences I’d like to integrate into my life?


Truth is never concerned with what lies ahead.

What’s important is not how much money you end up with in the bank, but who you can bank on, if perhaps, you end up with no money.

To write in fewer words is not an art-form but a heart form; it’s a sensitivity that time is too short and writing often too long.

Life simply works better when you draw from and move into the truth.

THE DAILY DECISION: Carpe Diem or Crappy Diem.

Loyalty is gained through giving it. Although never a guarantee, it is generally reciprocal as well as proportional.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto


The value in becoming organized is that life suddenly becomes more harmonized.

I’ve heard it said that you should either move or burn your house down every 7 years, just to get rid of the stuff we accumulate. Well, stuff creates clutter, clutter creates disarray, disarray creates anxiety and anxiety creates loss of productivity and loss of enthusiasm. So the basics of getting organized starts with the removal of dead weight; mental dead weight in the form of getting rid of things we don’t need, want or use anymore. There are plenty of charities that will benefit from your purging and you’ll feel lighter emotionally when it’s done. More advanced organization starts with making sure that everything you own has a place and the proximity of those things is well thought out. Tools in one spot, business things in another, crafts and hobbies in another and make sure everything is accessible easy to find. Then there are the things we use on a day-to-day basis. For example, my car keys and wallet go in the same place every time now, because I would waste countless hours every year, trying to find out where I put them and my wife was taken out of her productivity to help me with my recurring breakdown. Shame on me for not fixing it sooner. The key here is to identify the areas of stress or unproductivity with the things we own, or have to do, and develop a system, process or place for everything. It’s either that or we allocate time to manage chaos instead of making progress. Not to mention, the amount of time it takes to get organized is fractional over time in contrast to the time it takes to do it. And once you’re about 15% into the process, you’ll start to see what it means your things, responsibilities and life in order.

To minimize unnecessary strife, organize your life today

How often do I search for things because they don’t have a designated place?
Would I have more time for important things if my life were organized?


You don’t love others because they deserve it. You love others because you deserve it.

Love is not meant to be stored up and put in reserve. It is in the sharing of our love with others where great things are in store.

Marriage is like metal. Immediate attention to any sign of rust will allow it to last a lifetime.

To write of love is one thing. To share it is the real thing.

True love knows no end. That’s the point – the starting point.

Divorce has an early warning detection system. It shows up in a numbness to account for how we make the other person feel.


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2015

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto