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Take care of others, the rest will take care of itself.

The value in serving others is that we get value in the process… often more than we give. I know the process and discipline to count others as more important than ourselves is a tough one to swallow, especially when we don’t see immediate returns, appreciation or reciprocation from others.  But giving of ourselves has little to do with what we get from others and is more about the blessing we bestow on ourselves… by giving of ourselves. Those who sow well in life are rarely in lack of being fulfilled and those who take time to care for others and do it from a truly authentic disposition generally reap a variety of benefits including gratitude, favor and priority, all of which are worth the choice to be more about others than ourselves.

One thing is certain: Every measure of peace, joy and prosperity in relationships is dependent on a consistent commitment to serve others and to improve their circumstances. Whether business associates, family, friends or even strangers, bringing value to others has a unique way of coming back to us in multiples. It’s not always instant, which stops many of visionless giver. But those with longsighted thinking know that when they wake up in the morning they’ll either contribute something into the world that day or take something out of it. They are clear that the result of giving is much more rewarding than living in a taking posture any day of the week.

How often do I consciously count others as more important than myself?

What could one day of serving others before myself turn into?


Most people with the entrepreneurial “itch” are comfortable starting from “scratch.”

A relationship stretched to new levels of transparency will never return to its original façade.

The need to impress others is a certain way to depress others.

When we break a commitment to ourselves, we fracture our confidence.

F)acilitate A)cheivement I)n L)ife

A marriage that lasts a “lifetime” is comprised of love shown within “minutes and seconds”


One Liners by Dean Del Sesto. Copyright 2014

One Liners by Dean Del Sesto