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In the fight between brevity and verbosity, the lesser person always wins. dds

Exaggeration of the truth leaves one with a quandary. Exaggeration hath little consistency. dds

Our communication to others is like driving: Stop, go, slow, yield, caution, two-way, and of course, always watch for the dip ahead. dds

Tenacity is like smiling until the other person smiles. The longer it takes, the greater the reward. dds

Don’t burn a bridge. Bring it to white-hot and temper it for strength, as someday it may be the bridge to you must cross. dds

Your personal brand has equity. It is a very real and tangible currency that can be spent or invested at any number of outlets. dds

Dean Del Sesto


Today, marketing dollars are scarce, human capital is precious and competition is vast, not to mention hungry. And still, 90% of the businesses I encounter are spreading their new business resources like a pad of butter over a football field due to departure from focus, AKA – “Marketing fragmentation.” Businesses would do well to convene their team and profile exactly what makes the optimum client; optimum in terms of accessibility, profitability, sustainability and financial strength. Even things like personality, degree of difficulty to work with, do they value what you provide, responsiveness and other relational traits are critical in the equation. Once the client profile is built, you’ll have narrowed down the playing field to a smaller, more realistic number and your pool of financial and human resources will be healthier for the battle. It’s the discipline of Maximum Investment Per Prospect, meaning it’s better to invest $100 on every prospect and acquire a smaller number of valuable clients than spending $5 each on a large unqualified number of prospects that ultimately don’t fit the profile, probably won’t respond due to an anemic marketing approach, and wouldn’t remain a client for very long after closed. Getting a mind-grab on your prospects today is not easy. But focus and the proper allocation of resource give the best chance of achieving impact and acquiring the right kind of client. Refine your new business efforts today, no matter how refined you think they are.


Brevity and exaggeration rarely exist in the same space. dds

Love the day you’re in and it will love you back. dds

Adversity is a teacher whose report card is wisdom and diploma is character. dds

The value of counsel is acting on what you hear. For even if the wrong counsel, you will have learned what not to do. dds

Coffee’s energy boost is physiological agitation in disguise. Upon consumption, its end is gravity. What goes up must come down. dds

Throwing items that can be used by charity into the trash is garbage mentality. dds

Dean Del Sesto


Fact: Nobody owns honesty; it’s not something we can possess, only something we can practice as we speak or engage with others.  Consider the areas of your life:  family, friends, work, social, spiritual, etc.  Now look at where you think you operate at the highest degree of truthfulness; truthfulness meaning – being honest and transparent with those around you, not concealing or manipulating your commentary, being fully yourself, and sharing without reserve.  Makes keeping track of our words and the candor in which we speak them them quite a project.  However, the work involved in keeping tabs on our slight exaggerations, excuses and manufactured images of self whether from time-to-time or chronic is too great to sustain over time. Derivations of the truth simply don’t work and they will have us polishing the veneer of someone we think we need to be rather than refining the “authentic who I am.”  The emotional prison of verbal fabrication can be opened in an instant by trusting that truth, although intense in some cases is not nearly as frightening of living a life where we are uncertain of what we have said or even worse, remain uncertain of who we are.  When we live in truth, albeit a higher gradient of challenge, we get to refine what is real and strengthen what is genuine instead of spending precious time, energy and focus buffing our plastic.

Be extraordinarily and fully you today.