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I’d swear from time to time if I were viewing my life as a feature film, I’d be playing a background character at best; as if I were waiting for some non-existent superhero main character to carry the weight of my lackluster performance. But it doesn’t happen; the superhero never shows. Seems that life and its categories of career, family, social, altruism and more are all governed by the role we choose to play; either background character, extra, supporting role or lead character are the choices as well as the commitment level we put into them. There was certainly a time when you could get away with playing a sub-role for a while. But not today. Today’s global economy moves at the speed of competition, and all areas of life are demanding we step into a lead position and perform at the highest level or fall behind and lose momentum – or perhaps lose more. The moment we move away from the lead role, goals begin to fragment, relationships suffer casualties and our self-worth takes an instant beating. As for the recovery time of this kind of complacency, it’s not worth the brief intermission from playing the lead. Great performance in life is a rhythm, and when we step out of leadership rhythm, our value to others becomes inconsistent, and the degree of difficulty life delivers multiplies. Play the lead role in all areas of your life today.

Too much television is Anthrax to the soul, Novocain to the mind, Valium to the body, and Arsenic to the spirit. dds

A good book is something you dive into. A great book is something that dives into you. (PS, Buy ShiftPoints) dds

How neatly we label our issues and ourselves so we can say, “It wasn’t me who did that, it was my label.” dds

Entitlements deliver “provision” for a day and “lack of vision” for a lifetime. dds

Hatred is rarely an intimate activity. It is often exercised from a distance, which reveals the cowardice of it all. dds

Unhealthy foods are as taffy to the gears of our mind. dds

Dean Del Sesto


Bedtime is interesting. It opens the gateway of the mind like no other time of day.  Just when everything is about to shut down, the mind can accelerate into a maze of mental inventions, worries and intense question marks; not the ideal time for this as our mind is too tired to battle that kind of war.  I struggled with this for years; letting my mind drift into the “what ifs” of the next day all the way to the next decade. Then one day I woke up before bedtime and decided there was little value to be had there. The truth is I needed the sleep, and the timing for working out my life was during the day where I could contemplate, plan, log next steps and consult others.  I simply said, nighttime is the time I get to rest and I gave up trying to solve my world in a state of spiraling drowsiness.  The strange thing was, I needed to give myself permission to do this, and came to terms that it was the best possible option for the best way to live.  It’s a known fact that energy, clear thinking and healthy life performance come from a place of rest, not restlessness, and we are entitled to that rest; knowing that all the equipping we need for tomorrow will be more accessible and attainable with a good night’s sleep.  Give yourself permission to rest on all nightzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Everyday, the inflow of information into our lives is increasing. “Where’d that email come from? How’d they get my email address?, home address?, office address? Those who don’t practice brevity as part of their communication discipline will get lost in a sea of content and quickly unsubscribed. Consider the following about bringing more effectiveness to your communications:

  • People view bullet-points as more important than bulk content
  • Your content is your brand. Bad use of bullets will hurt your brand
  • Make sure all communications are relevant, compelling & true
  • The lesser the word count, the greater chance of points being read
  • Keep bullet-points to a single line whenever possible
  • A total of 3 bullet-points have the greatest chance of being read
  • Too many bullet points can be annoying (Guilty as charged)

Whenever possible give the reader the gift of a few good bullet-points. Floating phrases, call-out boxes, charts and graphs also drive more readership and break up the copy into a more approachable and energetic read. After all, we write to be read. Right? Write!