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Build your brand one shift at a time.

ShiftPoints book contains 200 to-the-point essays on improving every aspect of life, business and relationships.

  • Expanded, revised, and more impacting
  • Challenging questions after every ShiftPoint
  • Great gift, or “thinking of you” book for others
  • A sure way to improve executive/employee performance


“As a uniquely cogent and original transformational work! ShiftPoints offers strategic approaches for adapting to an epic shift in the way we think and feel about ourselves, our jobs, about the way we live life and express ourselves in relationship and ultimately what horizon we call destiny. For me, the wisdom in this book is timeless, as well as a must read for anybody committed to bringing order the chaos of life and releasing its beauty.”

Daniel L. Tocchini Author, US, and In The Twinkle of an “I”

“Most authors sell words as if quantity can masquerade as quality, making reading a chore for many, and a distant memory for most. Set aside all of your assumptions about tedious tomes and read ShiftPoints. Dean says more in a sentence than most could in a page; he wields a scalpel that cuts to the heart of crucial issues… and delivers transformational wisdom on every page. Do yourself – and, everyone who relates to you – the favor of making ShiftPoints a part of your daily regimen.

Bob Shank, CEO, The Master’s Program/Priority Living

Author of Life Mastery.

“Shift Points is a collection of laser-like essays that cause me to stop and ponder unique and meaningful subjects… some of which I have never thought about before. With each ShiftPoint, Dean takes the reader on a thoughtful and entertaining journey into the mind and heart that is rarely experienced in this busy world. With powerful and contemplative words and thoughts that inspire us to become a better person, ShiftPoints will be a book that I plan to give to many friends… old and new… for years to come.”

Milan Yerkovich, Founder, Relationship 180 Marriage Counselor, Co-author of How We Love and How We Love our Kids, Radio TV Co-Host of the nationally syndicated counseling talk show, New Life Live.

Conversations based in generalizations assure the escalation of future aggravations. dds

Dean Del Sesto

A second hand performance is only appropriate on a clock. dds

Dean Del Sesto

Integrity is the totality of your belief system in play, not just the convenient areas. It is not to be confused with selective virtue. dds

Dean Del Sesto

When I was young and thought I knew everything, I was 84% naïve.  When I started a business, I was 59% sure I’d succeed.  When I went to the counselor, I shared 78% of what was real for me.  When I got pulled over for speeding, I was 68% truthful.  Take any verb such as love, care, share, feel, try, speak, think, commit and others, and we have a way of fooling ourselves into believing we do them at a 100%, every time.  We defend the full effort position as if our lives depend on it.  But a good life, one where we are honest with ourselves, such as – I got replaced at my job because I gave about 75% to it, or my spouse divorced me because I fell asleep at the wheel of my marriage by giving 60% of myself to it, is the beginning of real growth. The 100% myth supposes perfection and leaves no room for us to contemplate how we can improve, mature, be more valuable to those around us, and have a greater sense of self-fulfillment.  It’s an illusion that ignores the progressive growth we can be at ease with – as imperfect humans, growing, learning, and acknowledging our progress – give or take a few percent.  Improve something by a percent or two today.