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Vinny Sharconi

June 12, 2013

Peculiar Signs™
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Vinny Sharconi, Corporate Lawyer

Writing for Marketing: The Long and the Short of it.

What you need to know about getting better response from your ALL your marketing communications

When was the last time you read a website, end-to-end? How about an e-mail newsletter from start to finish? A direct mail piece all the way through? I thought so. People generally don’t read much anymore. They scan at best and that’s a fact. According to the Direct Marketing Association and other known authorities, people in the business world are reading less, scanning more, and looking for key messages that compel them to take whatever next step doesn’t require them to read anymore. Unfortunately, most copy is written in a verbose style with pseudo-clever headlines that mean nothing, and subheads that reinforce the feeble headlines. Buried in the text, which the reader rarely gets to, are the value propositions, if there at all. Continue Reading…