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People have many brands they can choose from — you are one of them!

You may not give it much thought, but you are a “brand” to everyone who knows you. As a business professional, you’re a brand to those you work with and those you market to; as a husband or wife, you are a brand to your spouse; if you have kids, you’re a brand to your kids; you’re also a brand to your family, friends, acquaintances and even those who simply hear about you or view you online.

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Ever hear of a company that launched a successful new business campaign without a qualified, measurable plan? It does happen, as does winning the lottery, but the odds are about the same. Fact: No major player in the B2B and B2C space makes a marketing move without research and planning. That’s why they’re the majors. They discover the path of least resistance and the path of highest probability, and often know before a project is launched whether it will succeed and how well. The good news is you don’t have to be a Microsoft or Proctor & Gamble to market smart.

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Who needs Ambien? Just read your company’s Mission, Vision and Values a couple of timezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Sitting dusty on shelves throughout the country are millions of Mission, Vision and Values (M.V.V.) statements that started out with good intentions, but never quite made it into the DNA of the company culture or into the markets they serve. It’s what we call M.V.V. – D.O.A., and we see it in companies with $5 million in annual sales to $5 billion. It seems that no one is immune to the demise of these costly initiatives that start off with executive audits, questionnaires and surveys, only to end up in a document that reads like Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

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Adversity well handled is a teacher whose report card is wisdom, and diploma is character.

Dean Del Sesto